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short time ago. they announced that there have been five people, four women and one meal at home in hercules. here are those people. they have been identified as president marlene and aide oakland resident both are charged with murder tyler miller, from hercules. and marianne and. these three are charged with accessories. this was thursday, when a motorcyclist found these in the middle of brussels street in san francisco, bound and gagged. both had a substantial injuries and be needed to transported to san francisco general. the male, steven reed died at the hospital. there are still unknown questions weather if they were beaten elsewhere and then it dumped in the streets. police
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provided new details on this crime. listen. >> it was established a there was an extensive relationships between the victims and the suspects in this case. i cannot give you details about the relationships. and also note maga shots will be able as we have pending identification. it is part of this investigation and the motive for this attack is under investigation. i will not be able to provide details on what led to the attack but what i can say is that the male appeared to have a blunt force trauma and a gun shots to his upper body. because of the death is still pending the examiner's conclusion of the autopsy report. the female victim also it seemed to have a blunt force trauma. that is all the information i can give as that. and as far as when it occurred? we are still the lead agency in this investigation. as far as motive, i do not have
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information on what the motive is. >> of the male victim had a gunshot wound. and there will not give details on weather or not they have recovered the weapon. there was some evidence recovered at the hercules home. the female victim is fighting for her life. at his war on this developing situation coming up and how it was that led them to the home and hercules. that is coming up at 6:00 p.m. terisa estacio, kron 4 news. >> multiple people wounded on the town center near portland this is a live look. police say that just moments ago the shooter has been neutralized. not sure if he has been a arrested but the eminent threat seems to be less. there was a
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camouflage outfit, he was wearing a mask people were screaming, parents were grabbing their children. police are methodically clearing people out of the mall. workers have barricaded themselves in a safe areas such as break rooms. this happened one hour ago in the details still emerging. this is outside of portland. we will keep you updated >> with a pipe bomb scare. fresh on the minds of elementary students and parents in pleasant hill. police tonight are still trying to figure out who is to blame. this is video from yesterday. who is responsible? >>pam: - the bomb squad called in, when a pipe-bomb was found on the school campus. kron 4's j-r stone talked with investigators and has more on the story. >> there are two different circumstances and three days with three pipe bombs. at this point they're not linking the pipe bomb that they found yesterday to this
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school behind me to the ones that they found over the weekend. today, students were at static kill elementary much different scene and the yesterday. at which point, the bomb squad was here with bomb sniffing dogs. the pipe bomb and never went off but it was dismantled. officers are looking at a surveillance from the video to try to get a better idea of who did this. there also analyzing the as to find out more clues. there is a clear message. >> they need to understand that it is a significant crime. and if you are caught, you are potentially going to go to prison. if somebody gets worse, it is even worse. >> at some point they are not linking these cases but they are looking at the possibility that this is a copycat crime. in pleasantville, j. r. stone, kron 4 news.
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>>pam: an arsonist on the loose in hayward. this is video from this morning -- a molotov cocktail shattering a window, igniting the apartment of a mother and young child. kron 4's scott rates is live at the scene. scott, do police have leads? >> still investigating but i can tell you that neighbors are concerned for their own safety. this was an apparent arson attack. let me show you a video of this is picture that they showed right when it this flame fire broke out. i spoke to a woman who lives in that apartment who did not want to go on camera. she had to grab for eight year-old son and run out at 4:00 a.m. the firefighters arrived but not before this was a total loss. it believes it was a molotov cocktail that started this fire. neighbors
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do not know why anybody would want to target the home. they are no concern for their safety. >> it is not cool. a bill i thought it was crazy that someone would partially do that to somebody's home. she had a kid in there. i do not understand what would go to somebody's mind. that they think that this is ok to do. >> $200,000 in damage was done and the good news is that nobody was injured. in hayward, scott rates, kron 4 news. >>pam: a frosty windshield is to blame for a three -car crash. that left two 17- year-old students. and a third person hurt in san leandro early this morning. a woman was driving with a windshield not fully defrosted. rear-ended the toyota camry in front of her--- and that car was pushed into the back of a school bus. carrying four students. two students and the driver of the toyota complained of pain and were taken to hospital as a precaution. >>pam: at least one person
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is dead after a car plunged off a rural roadway this afternoon. this is video of the crash from sky 7- h-d, a-b-c 7- news. the c-h-p says, the accident was reported just after 12-noon, when a car went over the edge of mount hamilton road, with at least one person trapped inside. no word yet on what caused the driver to plunge off the roadway. >> a big weather change ahead. on the right of your screen, you're looking live from mount tamalpais in the north bay, and at the san francisco sky-line. rain and cold weather are just right around the corner. i'm here in the weather center with jacquelyn bennet. she's tracking the weather changes. what can we expect? this is also bringing cold air. >>jacqueline: those frosty wind shiels.. could be
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more common. right now, mostly cloudy for the bay area. the rainfall to the north. through california and oregon and a notice on your screen at the specs of blue. indicating snowfall. and just how cold it this system is coming down. let us take a look at the rainfall the futurecast. pressing towards the north bay. fairfield, antioch, and some heavier cells near petaluma, vallejo. and along the san mateo coast. some of lingering showers possible for your morning commute. with rainfall that could continue for the early afternoon. mostly dry but we were showers especially near the coast. as for temperatures? chilly. 49 in daly city. 50s in pleasanton and it is only going to get colder. we will take a look
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of those towns coming up in just a bit. >>pam: some contra costa county residents are losing their local fire stations. it is all because of a tax measure voters did *not pass in november. tonight - grant lodes is standing by to show us which areas are impacted. but first - justine waldman is live at a county meeting -- where some harsh decisions were made today. justine? enoug >> the board meeting is still happening. and i heard the fire chief say that this is not something they wanted to do but this is something that they have to do because they have run out of options. this is video from inside of the board room a meeting that is still going on. the four stations on the choping block. lafayette, martinez is also so close to or refineries which has been a concernstation 12 on shell avenue in martinez.
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they want to keep response times at 5 minutes and response of measure a " q " was rejected recently in the election. they are still concerned of response times. >> we are not going to lay off any firefighters. people were anxious to hear about which stations are going to be impacted. we will have to reach shift and get to work on how we're going to get this community covered. with four different firefighters. and the loss of four fire stations. >> the public comment and there a list of speakers is long. they will consider what the public does to say with before the public.... has to say with the concerns will be heard from the public.
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>> shell.. avenue, in martinez. also station 16 on los arabis avenue in lafayette. station 4 on hawthorne drive in walnut creek. and station 11 on center avenue in clayton. >>pam: a marine mystery is unfolding on the shores of monterey bay. hundreds of squid are washing ashore, most of them on aptoss - area beaches in santa cruz county. look at this. you can see what is happening that notice many people have been watching this. as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, scenitists are not sure why this is happening. >> still largely intact, this humboldt squid may have become stranded here on hidden beach in aptos within the past 24 hours. it's one of hundreds, if not thousands of squid to be found on beaches from rio del mar to pleasure point. why it's happening is not clear. research biologist john field suspects the squid are simply losing their way.
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>> it looks like the squid at times to do not realize that the ocean will end. sometimes they are swimming in a shallow water and they seem to be healthy but they are stranded and die. there could be just a small fraction of the population that is still in that. it could be a reflection that there are abundant squid in coastal waters. >> makin grew to nearly 100 lbs.. most of these are one- 2 ft.. this could be at least 3 ft. long. another theory is that toxins in algae or the so-called 'red tide' may cause the squid to lose their sense of direction. while still rare, squid-strandings are on the increase along with their numbers as the voracious animals expand their range in search of food, plentiful this time of year in the icy waters of monterey bay. >> the same to migrate towards the northern waters to forge. and to the itself to spawn. the cold waters
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are not conducive for report a loss o four not-conducive for reproducingaside from the smell, there banff is no hazard to beach visitors. as you might expect, the gulls and other most of what the tide leaves behind. in aptos rob fladeboe kron 4 news >>pam: lawmakers in michigan passing so called "right- to- work" legislation -- effectively busting up powerful labor unions. the state's republican lawmakers calling it a victory for workers -- that's not what the unions are saying. that story tonight at 5-30. >> but first -- 49ers running back brandon jacobs, suspended for his comments on instagram. now today -- we're hearing from his teammates about it for the first-time. i'll have the story after the break. you're on timeout leo! launchint some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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some things won't last 25 years. just $16.99. ah! woof! some things will. banffthe forty-niners are taking a stand. the first place team has suspended running back brandon jacobs after he experssed his displeasure media. >> grant lodes is here with the latest on this situation.and now jacobs' teammates are reacting. so many athletes are constantly on social media.
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but you have to be careful. jacobs was frustarted. jacobs won two super bowls with the new york giants. this is his first year in san francisco.he wasn't playing much.and took to instagram to criticize his coaches decisions not to give him more playing time. knee injury til week 12 he says that he is on the this team running away. and one of his followers says that you a e rotting away.... >> they do not want any distractions on the team. i try to stay away from that stuff. you can see word that gets you, if get you in trouble i stay away from it i do not get involved with social a media. >>pam: what are the fans saying? >> it is pretty split. some people are saying you should
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this it would ever you want on social media however, others are saying that if you are criticizing your boss in any arena the you should face criticism. the feud between twitter and in banff the feud between twitter and facebook face=book- owned instagram, heated up today. with twitter making a huge move. they have added a 'photo filter feature' that is verysome analysts say, this killer. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate shows us how the new twitter photo filters work. >> this is the first time twitter has offered image tools. for people that send images through twitter it is an exciting new feature. but for people that are loyal users to instagram. it could migrate towards it twitters new photo filter feature. it could chip away at the instagram. fan base. this is
5:19 pm
a look at the application. the usual suspects, with retro, cinnamon, vintage, and black and white, by contrast. there are also a just and cropping and also a helpful grid. to show you what each will look like if it is an easy alternative. do not doubt the power of a photo filters. this has helped with getting 150 million users. if you have an android it is available at the google store. and it is coming soon to the apple store. gabe slate tech report >>jacqueline: with cooler temperatures and even more as we go for the overnight and the rainfall returning to the forecast. this live look where we are seeing clear and cooler conditions but the rain fall tonight
5:20 pm
and tomorrow. temperatures quite cold. temperatures in the 30's for out the bay area and as we take a look the satellite and radar showing through our northern california. take a look further towards washington you can see the blue indicating snowfall. cold air from canada of with this system. as we take a look at the rainfall for tonight. we will start at 8:00 p.m. and continue it is not that organized. heavier through petaluma, and the san mateo coast. by 5:00 p.m., still some showers but not that wide spread. it will continue for the afternoon. some spotty showers here, there in the 4:00 p.m. hour and into the 8:00 p.m. hour as for temperatures they're going to stay on the cool side. 50s through san francisco, 52 in san rafeal.
5:21 pm
50s in san jose. the storm is a cold one we're going to look at the midnight hour. in full swing over the sierras it will continue for tomorrow. even for tomorrow we will see some inches of snowfall when everything is said and done at the higher elevations. 1 ft. at 7,000 ft.. high chance of lingering showers with the temperatures in the 30's. for the next several days. as we take a look at a local temperatures that rain will push through. thursday, friday, the temperatures in the 30's this will bring a blast of cool air. it will stay dry thursday and friday but the rainfall is for expected to return. again on monday and tuesday. we will keep you posted on those systems >> he is a nice kind of guy
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but when he started bleeding i knew it was a shotgun. >>pam: an execution style murder on a busy street. a california student is dead - and police across the county are searching for the killer. that's coming up at 5-30. f [ crickets chirping ]
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some very different feelings jacob should be able to say what he wanted to say. and i've bet that your boss does not want to fire you. however, the lesson here, do not bite the hand that feeds you. these management's comments should be brought to bear attention. join the conversation on our kron 4 facebook fan page we will be right back after this.
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>>pam: you are looking at a live picture in portland, oregon. the sheriffs are on the scene where at least one person has been confirmed dead. the swat team is on the scene with a lot of activity going on we will have more on this developing story coming up after the break.
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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. with a developing story. >>pam: gunfire at a mall near portland, oregon that this is happening during the busy holiday shopping season. there are reports of gunfire, with one person confirmed dead. we are waiting for a news conference but what do we know? >> at least one person is dead and perhaps one more. several shots fired at the multiple people wounded at this point. you are looking at this ambulance. people
5:32 pm
have been frantically running around and what we do know is that this as the portland oregon shopping center. just a few moments ago the shooter has been neutralized. we do not know if the shooter has been arrested. but there does not appear to be an eminent threat. the witness says that there was a rifle and the gunman had a camouflage outfit looting a mask. and another witness said that there were people screaming and the camouflage outfit with the sugar-wearing a mask. >>pam: the shooter -- was wearing a mask. if again, these are live pictures that you are looking at from the clacamous town center during the time when families are
5:33 pm
out shopping for the holidays. and we understand that the gunman has been neutralized. we are not sure what that means but least authorities have a handle. they are not worried that somebody else could be in danger. >> police are going through the mall is taking a while. so many workers with extra staff. during the holiday season is so many workers and customers and the mall at this point. people are going door to door. people' have barricaded, to escape the horror in the shots. anny or they could find safety, with break rooms, restrooms, and people.. shots fired. there has not been the number of shots fired confirmed but from this aerial shot this mass chaos. >> we will get back to that
5:34 pm
news as soon as that news conference conference (chanting) >> this protest turned out to be a losing cause. this was in the lansing, michigan. the republican dominated legislature passing laws restricting the unions of their power to requiring them to pay dues. his state is now the 24th to adopt the right to work law. grant? if . >> this is big. if your work place is unionized? the cannot opt out. you cannot keeping your job if you want to not to join the union. michigan is
5:35 pm
known as the 24th state. what is significant is that the other states are not as heavily industrialized as michigan. michigan has plenty of industry and it is heav heav-unionized. >> there are 50-the first right to work has created a firestorm. (chanting 'union) union members invade the michigan state house in lansing. as the republican dominated legislature passes laws stripping unions of their power to require michigan's governor quickly signed the legislation.
5:36 pm
his state is now the 24th to adopt what are calledhere in california, if your workplace is unionized, you can't opt out of joining the union. you can't keep your job without paying dues. but in more than 20 other states, there is no such requirement and what's significant is the others are not heavily industrialized. michigan has plenty of unionized. >> there are 58 aye votes, and 51 nay votes" >> michigan's new "right-to- work" bill has created a firestorm -- both within the state and across the country. >> "we are, unions! we are, unions!" state police used pepper spray when demonstrators flooded the grounds of the state capitol in lansing. inside, backers of the bill say they are only trying to employers >> with this legislation workers will now be freed to make their choice. it is time that we restored the workplace of michigan. teamsters head jim hoffa lower wages. >> this is out to discriminate against unions, to discourage people from joining unions. >> an analysis by the detroit free press says neither side is supported by economic data. michigan's unions have failed to deliver higher wages or job security. now it's 36th. the 6th worst in the country. paper says most employers are looking for the the cheapest ones. and michigan is 36th out of president obama visited his perspective: these so-called right to
5:37 pm
work laws, they don't have to do with economics, they have everything to do with michigan's right to work laws were approved without any committee hearings or other public input. they apply to public and well as private sector workers. the exceptions are police and firefighters. >> there is one injured. that was transported, there are two fatalities. >> how are you continuing the inside investigation? >> there are 100 officers. they are carefully searching the mall for anybody else that could be injured. we will certainly search this entire mall. until everybody has been determined. we have already determined. when was this shooter neutralized? did you kill him?
5:38 pm
>> i do not have the specific time. we started receiving calls at 3:30. multiple 911 calls. we've responded quickly. this small team of officers tried to find and locate the a suspect. >> i cannot reveal the details at this time and where it began this specifically. inside the mall, but there were multiple people calling from various stores and mall. >> what can you tell us about the people that have died are the store employees? >> i do not know. >> i do not release those details. >> can you say that again? >> the details of automotive, method, that sort of thing i do not have an affirmation. >> ballpark? >> transition more
5:39 pm
information about witnesses? >> if you are a witness to this event we are interested in your information. you can come directly to the sheriff's office. on the sunny brook boulevard. war 5038650611 - please be patient, because many people have been overwhelmed the cellphone system. many people to not have a signal inside. please be patient. as we get to these people they will be escorted out. if they're not directly released we will transport them to the sheriff's office and you can contact us and we will put you in touch with your loved ones. >> can you talk about the gun? >> i cannot talk about the gun. we have a twitter feed
5:40 pm
/www. >>pam: .. this is just outside of portland oregon that that is an official with the class commenc = =clakamus... region and outside of portland oregon. they are trying to make sure that everybody is safe and the gun man is dead. they are still operating under emergency circumstances. and the shopping mall is clear and that everybody is safe. hundreds have been evacuate it. it is still an active hundreds have been evacuate the u-verse wireless receiver. [ light laugh ] the tv stayed in one place... mmmmhmmmm. ...right next to the upstairs tv outlet. oh yeah. they can move the tv all over the place,
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>>pam: update. stocks sprang to life today. progress in budget talks. the s-&-p 500 had its
5:45 pm
biggest gain this month. on wall street. the dow rose 79- points to 13-thousand-248. the s-&-p 500 rose 9- points. while the nasdaq gained 35- points. closing a shy under three- thousand-25 points. >> at&t had their estimates released to 8 million. apple is pretty confident that they're going to make a ton of money. maybe some of the sellers are thinking that this could happen. it could be an opportunity. >> the stock is rebounding? >> yes it has already had a great year antioch who seems to be doing better? a lot of announcements with -- shaw wh yahoo --? >> not only to they have cnbc but now they have had cnbc sports trying to take on espn. this is a good relationship. with college
5:46 pm
football coverage and fantasy games. it is good for the wh--yahoo.. still very profitable for yahoo. >> a clean sweep and another winner. this is my favorite story. a i g the government bailed them out out of lehman's. >> this was altered the all occupy wall street where was our occupy bailout? the treasury can claim victory. and the aig can also be cleared of toxic assets. it did not make any sense it was going to be a disaster but i do not know how the united states pulled out a profit but i would say congratulations. >> thank you, rob. you can
5:47 pm
catch rob black on our off go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and on digital 4.2. and in the morning. >>jacqueline: he has been a chilly day today. will get even colder for the rainfall moving into the bay area. most of the rain is concentrated well into the north. with an increasing cloud coverage. let us take a look if the weather headlines. it is going to be chilly. not quite as it will as what we saw. but scattered showers today. dry conditions with the rainfall returning this weekend. let us take a look at futurecast. the rainfall over fairfield and the north bay coast. as we move towards 10:00, of vallejo and also towards the san mateo coast. as we go towards the morning commute we are going to see lingering showers. towards the south and for the later
5:48 pm
morning hours the same thing. not that wide spread but keep your umbrella candy candy-with temperatures quite cool. t. keep your umbrella handy-with temperatures only in the50s in , 52 degrees in san rafael. antioch, san jose and as for the sierras there is a winter weather advisory in effect. snowfall and the accumulations will start with over 3 in. of snowfall. trukee lake tahoe not getting quite as much because of a lower elevation but the higher elevations are seeing more snowfall. 5-12 in. of fresh powder. with a 20 percent chance of snowfall. lingering flurries. possible. and as we take a look at your extended
5:49 pm
forecast we're going to see rainfall tomorrow. and also some cold temperatures. taking a look at thursday, friday, the lows in the 30's. and it is not going to get that warm in the afternoon. temperatures in the fifties but at least it will stay dry thursday. with more rain in a store half saturday, sunday with tuesday. we will keep you posted. >>pam: this is our live picture of of a developing at the clacamus. shopping center where gunfire erupted in a news conference just moments ago there have been three people died one person is injured. it is still an ongoing emergency seeing. the gunman has been killed. we will have a complete update on this story coming up at 6:00 p.m.
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(chaos) >> take a look at this aftermath of the roof collapsing caught on camera birmingham, alabama. he was being interviewed by a local television reporter from the severe storm weather. when this happened. here is again. members of his family were inside when they started to hear the roof crumbling. the damage was extensive. fortunately, nobody was hurt. the biggest party inspect fthe biggest parties and all be on kron 4's new catherine heenan and
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breaking news. three people. including a gunman. are confirmed dead in a shooting at a shopping mall near portland, oregon. mall near portland, oregon. oh, you have a keurig vue brewer? oh, it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's this train that's powerful enough to carry more coffee and fresh water to make coffee that's stronger and bigger... and even hotter! actually, i just press this button. brew the coffee you love -- stronger, bigger, or hotter -- with the keurig vue.
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pfft (male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: we begin the hour with breaking news. three people. including a gunman. are confirmed dead in a shooting at a shopping mall near portland, oregon. just moments ago. police briefed reporters on the newsroom with the latest developments. south-east oft the
6:00 pm
portland. in clackamas county. this mall parking lot, the 911 call became a onfreak:30 he had a rifle, wearing a mask. the camouflage at 3:3911 call. >> there was one person injured, the shooter is dead and there are two people dead. with 100 officers from city, state, local, federal levels. teams are carefully searching the mall for anybody that could be injured. and we will search this entire mall until they're certainly there is a security and everyone is removed. >> as you can imagine, extra staff chaos. one witness saw that one person was a screaming, and they were grabbing their children. we will continue to bring you
6:01 pm
any developments through this broadcast in >>pam: san francisco police arrest five suspects in a gruesome crime. >> it's the type of thing you see in the movies. banffa man and woman found bound and gagged, and left to die on this quiet street. tonight police say four of the five suspects are women. just a few hours ago. san francisco police released the names of the five suspects. and more details kron-4's terisa estacio is >> 3 of the women in this case are under the age of 25. one female is 32 years old they're all facing a very serious charges. they are not revealing what is the connection between the victim's in the suspects. just that they had an extensive relationship. all five were arrested in hercules. booked into the san francisco county jail
6:02 pm
san francisco resident is in resident and there is only one mea suspect. there's a one-male suspect. these were arrested for accessory to murder. it was 8:30 when a motorist found two people bound and gagged near brussels street they do not know if they were tortured but the male had a gunshot the male, 26 year-old steven reed died at the hospital. police at a news conference say they are not releasing the motive and it is under investigation. they also disclosed new details on what led them to the home in hercules. >> i do not have information if a weapon it was retrieved but there was evidence collected at the scene in hercules, calif.. but i cannot get into the
6:03 pm
specifics on what it was an extensive relationship between the victims and the suspects we do not want to jeopardize or compromise the investigation. i know that our investigation and investigators were working on some leads. that is about the extent that i can go into. >> police said that it is not clear if the two were injured elsewhere and then dumped in the san francisco. more arrests could occur in the female victim is still in the hospital fighting to survive. terisa estacio, kron 4 news. in the case. hayward police tonight are searching for an arsonist. after they say a molotov cocktail was thrown through the window of an apartment overnight. a mother and her young son are out of their home. and wondering if they're being targeted. and why. kron-4's scott rates is in
6:04 pm
hayward tonight with the latest on the investigation. >> right now police are still investigating this they're calling this arson. as i stepped out they are putting up boards. this is the apartment that has been completely destroyed. the neighbors are concerned for their safety. take a look. the nabors shot this and you can see the flames shooting the neighbor.s.. we're very shaken up about this and the woman who was to evict, was very shaken up grabbing her eight year-old son. who fled out the door at 4:00 a.m. they put out the flames but not before the home has been the total loss. they believe that it was a molotov cocktail. it started in this window and that they do not understand why anybody would want to target this woman. it has neighbors for reconsidering.
6:05 pm
>> hopefully this is it this could be the end of it and i do not need more protection. but i would like to really i would like to relocate this is not a safe. >> this is not safe. i have a small child. >> she has a kid there what would go to through somebody's mind to make them think that this was okay to do. >> $200,000 in damage was done with no one hurt. luckily, they are not hurt and a half a place to stay. scott rates, kron 4. >>pam: detectives in pleasant hill say a copycat criminal may be to blame for the latest pipe bomb incident outside aa pipe bomb was found outside pleasant hill elementary school on monday. it did not go off and no one was hurt. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and has more on who may be to blame. >> at this point, there is nobody to link this to the pipe bomb that was found on saturday morning to the one
6:06 pm
found behind me however, there is a copycat criminal possibility. it was back to class at pleasant hill elementary card yesterday it was roped off with yellow tape is the bomb squad went to work to dismantle a bomb. it was found to the principal's office in the bushes. they are looking at a surveillance video to try to help them with this case. there also analyzing the items inside of a pipe bomb. some grandparents were picking up their credit children that are outraged. to them i cannot understand it is hard to fathom wanting to do something like this to such young children. >> hopefully they will catch these guys. and these guys are some sick, sick kids. if maybe they could even take their parents with them. >> over the weekend it was a pleasant hill weekend mailbox pipe bomb. and there was also another one found and detonated it. three
6:07 pm
teenagers for found and those for a link to the other. police are not linking this most recent case at the elementary school. j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >>pam: new at six tonight. antioch's new mayor is taking office amid a spike of violent crime in the city. among several recent incidents. is the fatal shooting of 43-year-old aaron williams. he was gunned down outside his house on banyan way saturday night. police are still looking for the shooter. kron-4's charles clifford today spoke with antioch's mayor about this growing rash of violence. >> 1 loss of life is one too many. >> wade harper was elected mayor of antioch just last month. he a former? police officer who ran his campaign on a promise to get tough on harper believes the recent >> to listen to the concerns and on a regular basis to.
6:08 pm
the needs. >> he also wants to find a way to beef up the police force. >> we are talking to a police chief and asia the manager, city council and we're actively--and also looking at a city manager. it is not a cure all. and when you are calling to see the community coming together is going to take citizens getting involved. neighborhood watch programs. but, we are going to make the antioch a safe community. that is my pledge. banffin antioch, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> turning to the forecast now. things are starting to cool these are live looks at in san francisco and near the bay bridge. rain is returning to the forecast. us when it will arrive.
6:09 pm
>>jacqueline: we can see a better chance of rainfall through antioch not very organized. but more moderate rainfall around 1:00 a.m. your petaluma. and of vallejo. we can see along the san mateo coast. tomorrow's commute showers along the golden gate not we will time it out on futurecast and a cold temperatures on calf for the week.
6:10 pm
>>pam: whales and dolphins are most often associated with what are called 'strandings,' when the animals end up 'stranded' anddie on the beach. but in santa cruz county. large humbold squid are hundreds of the rotting squid carcasses can be found on aptos-area beaches from point. the abundant squid are migrating north in search of but the reason for these apparent strandings is not very well understood. >> this could be read lg tide, or if the perhaps do not even know that this is where the ocean hands were harmful red....tide.. and our where the ocean and se a ends.... >>pam: most of these animals are about one or two feet long but in their native waters off baja, california and points south, humboldt squid can grow to 100 pounds or more. the muff (chanting
6:11 pm
'union") >> ahead at six. union workers crowd michigan's state capitol in an effort to convince lawmakers to kill a controversial "right to work" bill. a gas explosion touches off a raging inferno that virgina. and caught on a camera. a tornado tears a path of destruction through a florida neighborhood. (music) [ crickets chirping ]
6:12 pm
[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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6:14 pm
>>pam: protestors flood the state capitol of michigan. down a contoversial "right to work" bill. it's sparked a fierce debate between union workers and the republican-controlled state legislature. michigan's governor signed the measure into law today. hours after getting it from the state's legislature. elizabeth corridon explains what it means for michigan's workforce. >> michigans to right to work bill has created a firestorm across the country and when in the state. past it on tuesday. it was-passed on to state and maximum occupancy flooded the ground on the state capital. it'll be the 24th state with right
6:15 pm
to work state without makes illegal for employees to join unions. employees to do not have to contribute to the union funds. with thousands of workers being represented by unions to be the most unionized states. reporters said that it will improve economic competitiveness and workers should embrace. >> every person deserves a job where there is no pressure to join a group for a cause unless they choose. >> opponents vow to continue to fight for rights. >> really, a broad spectrum of the populace that we have to work hard, fight hard. we want a michigan that everybody can prosper. the mission has tens of thousands of autoworkers is the sixth highest of all unemployment rate. this could help with its
6:16 pm
competitive edge. elizabeth corridon.. kron 4. >>pam: the man charged with gunning an unarmed teenager in florida will remain under 24-hour g-p-s monitoring while awiting trial. a judge today denied george zimmerman's request to travel outside seminole county without permission. zimmerman's lawyers wanted the restriction loosened because they said he was living in fear,. zimmerman is charged with second degree murder for the february shooting of trayvon martin. a shooting zimmerman claims was made in self defense enou >> former president george h-w bush's stay in a houston hospital is stretching into a third week. he was admitted back on november 23rd with bronchitis. and he is still there recuperating. methodist hospital says the former president is stable condition. it has not yet set a discharge date. bush's doctor says the condition was never life- threatening. at 88, he is the oldest living former president. >>pam: at least five homes have been destroyed in west virginia. after a gas line explosion sparked a raging inferno that lasted for an
6:17 pm
hour. the blast happened this afternoon along interstate 77 in sissonville flames shot as high as 75- feet in the air. and people reported hearing the explosion as far as a mile away. firefighters had to keep back because of the fire's intense heat. no injuries have been reported. >> caught on camera. a funnel cloud rips a path of destruction through eastern florida. the twister broke out late yesterday afternoon in volusia county. at least 30-homes were damaged. residents who hid under their bathtubs to sheild themselves from the storm described the tornado moving through in less than a minute. despite the significant damage. no deaths or significant injuries have been reported. >>jacqueline: to rainfall is on the way with showers. but this body. behind the storm we're going to see -- spotty = = temperatures in the
6:18 pm
30's. and only getting into the mid '50s. for the next several days. as we take a look at the satellite & radar the increasing clouds for the afternoon. the rain is still to the north but it is getting closer. it will press in with moisture associated. spotty showers patterns with it behind the main band of rainfall that we will see tomorrow. here is elected futurecast. some showers north of the golden gate here is a look at futurecast. 1:00 here petaluma, and also the san mateo coast. near south of the golden gate, spotty showers continue by 10:00 p.m. and we could see lingering showers for the afternoon but they will be spotty, at best. no way to pinpoint and they could linger by 8:00 p.m.. through
6:19 pm
hayward and the coast so keep your umbrella cand handy low 40's for the most part and a mostly 39 degrees 47 degrees in san francisco 40's and half moon bay. 44 degrees in the san jose. for the afternoon highs, not that much of warming up. 50s in the san francisco, 54 in oakland to. 55 in san jose and because this is so cold. we will get snowfall and the sierras and not to set the higher elevations. snowfall for the higher lingering afternoon widespread. it will start to taper off for the evening. 1 ft. of snowfall and the higher elevations will be more snowfall with flurries into thursday and friday. we could get some fresh powder in the next several days.
6:20 pm
the rain is expected to linger tomorrow but scattered at best. thursday, friday staying dry. chilly mornings. the rainfall will return thursday, friday cahow >>pam: how a suspected burglar drove off in a texas police squad car. still shackled in handcuffs. you won't take my life.
6:21 pm
you won't take our future. aids affects us all. even babies. chevron is working to stop mother-to-child transmission. our employees and their families are part of the fight. and we're winning. at chevron nigeria, we haven't had a reported case in 12 years. aids is strong. aids is strong. but we are stronger. and aids... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪
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6:23 pm
>> he's being called a criminal houdini. a suspected burglar managed to take off in a police car while handcuffed. white settlement police handcuffed suspect darren porter and placed him into the squad car. outside of ft police then stepped away to further investigate the robbery. >> the suspect was able to roll down the back window and then get into the front seat. >>pam: that's when porter hopped in the front seat and
6:24 pm
took off. and it was all caught on tape by police dashcams. "the suspect somehow was able to roll down the back window and was able to get officers had no idea their cruiser had been stolen until they received 9-1-1 calls. the suspect eventually lost the cruiser was later found with a blown tire and was abandoned at an apartment he is still on the run. we will be back. [ male announcer ] steak combos.
6:25 pm
featured now at sizzler. tri tip sirloin with fried shrimp, malibu chicken, or grilled shrimp. starting at just $9.99. sizzler.
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6:27 pm
banand banfin banand anand ban e intensity grows between rival social media giants. as twitter launches a new feature that some say could facebook's instagram. and optimism that an east the end of the year.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
>> tragedy, this gunman after a mall shootings. this was near portland oregon and another person is in
6:30 pm
critical condition. this is outside the mall. this is happening at 3:30 of the clackamas near downtown portland. the gunman had a rifle, dressed in camouflage and was wearing a mask. they are making sure that everybody is out of where they were hiding, with a 25- 30 shots fired. parents were grabbing their children. is not clear if the gunman took his own life or if they were he was killed by police. three people killed, including the gunman outside of clackamas, oregon. >> san francisco police announced there rests of four women and one man in connection with a brutal are arrests. a man and woman
6:31 pm
were found bound and gagged in the middle of brussels st. there were taken to san francisco hospital. the man, read was pronounced dead and the woman is still struggling to survive it. there is only an extensive relationship known between the suspects and the two victim's. san francisco, terisa estacio, kron 4. >> in hayward, there was an overnight fire that caused a mother and a daughter to run out of the work apartment complex. at a -- fazan -- she does say that she had to run out at 4:00 a.m. after grabbing her eight year-old -- son. it was believed to be a molotov cocktail. luckily, nobody was hurt with $200,000 damage. and
6:32 pm
they are staying at a safe place in tonight. >> in pleasantville, they are trying to figure out how light pipe bomb got out of an elementary school on monday. they are not liking this case that happened on a saturday. however, they think that this could be a copycat criminal that is not potentially linked to the weekend cases of pipe bombs. j. r. stone, kron 4. >> in antioch there has been a recent surge in violent crime. one man was killed on his front porch and on monday there were two others drive-by shooting. the newly elected mayor, wade phillips says that it is going to form a committee to listen to the committee's concerns and come up with ideas. he will work with the city manager, the city council to hire more police officers. in the ad, it will
6:33 pm
take a combination including assistance in the and to help residents feel safe. in antioch, charles clifford, kron 4. >> the city hall on operation cease-fire in zero pilot tolerance test. community leaders and east palo alto will work with certain gang members who want to turn their life are routed the east palo alto, reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> in contra costa county the board of supervisors is debating what are the fire stations to close. they are likely to be closed in january. there is one in martinez. on the chopping block, just tea justin waldman.
6:34 pm
>> these humboltd squid native to baja, california have been washing up on shore. it is rare but not the first time is happening. researchers are trying to figure out why. if they are dying at sea? and then washing up on shore. or if it is search for food? or warmer waters. in santa cruz, rob fladeboe, kron 4. >> the view woul feud between twitter instagram a photo filter feature is much like histogrthis could kill instagram... the new twitter photo feature could impact
6:35 pm
instagram... greatly. gabe slate tech report >> oftentimes, i will get related to traffic i get a flood of emails from viewers saying who cares no one died as if someone dying is the litmus paper as the what well at market and beale in san francisco someone died while crossing the street the fact is someone was killed and it was 100 percent avoidable because to at market and beale in san francisco to see what's going on in the next edition of people behaving badly . >>jacqueline: our big weather story tonight is the rain fall. taking a look of the satellite & radar is moving through the mostly to the north. it will change overnight to the wet weather and we can see spotted clouds. this will mean the spotty showers for tomorrow. here is a look at
6:36 pm
futurecast. through 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m., heavier weather cells for vallejo. and also won the san mateo coast. shower conditions for the morning. continuing by 10:00 a.m. and it is difficult to pinpoint throughout the day. keeping your umbrella handy. you can see they will be by 8:00 a blast of cold air. it could be quite chilly. the low 50s. antioch, and 55 in the san jose. a look at your extended forecast. it will be especially thursday, friday with temperatures in the 30's. another chance of rainfall a saturday and sunday. >> gasoline prices are continuing to tumble triple-a says the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded in california stands at 3- dollars-62 cents. 23-cents lower than it was last month. and analysts are predicting
6:37 pm
prices will keep falling into the new year. as oil prices and demand continue to drop. here in the bay area. the average price in san francisco stands at 3-71. in oakland. it's 3-57. and in san jose. it's 3-56. >> the city of lafayette hopes to have a giant sink hole that opened up after last weekend's severe storms repaired by christmas. the city has hired emergency contractor c-c myers for the job. the sinkhole opened early in the morning on december third on mountain view drive. after a storm drain failed. it continued to grow for several days after. crews intially said the road would possibly be closed for the entire winter. we will be back.
6:38 pm
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6:41 pm
>>pam: researchers studying overeating in children and teens have found what they call a strong link to drug use. the boston children's hospital study looked at girls and boys as young as 9 the data showed girls were more likely to binge eat it also revealed connection between overeaters and marijuana and drug use. researchers say the findings suggest that lack of control is an important indicator of overeating episodes. but they still haven't determined *hy it's connected to possible drug use. >> fewer people in america are drinking milk. that's according to the wall street journal. which analyzed data from the departemt of agricultrure. the numbers show milk consumption in the u-s has plunged nearly 30-percent since 19-75. meanwhile, sales of yogurt, cheese and other dairy products have gone up. dairy companies are working to rev up milk sales again, hoping to attract busy families with new packaging sizes and styles. they're pushing the 20-13 class of the
6:42 pm
rock-and-roll hall of fame has been announced. and the inductees reflect a variety of music stylings. making the cut this year are ann and nancy wilson from heart. song writer randy newman. canadian rock band rush. and the queen of disco. donna summer. non-performing inductees include producers quincy jones and lou adler. the induction ceremony will be held on april 19th at the nokia theatre l-a in los the bay area's favorite way the biggest parties and spectacular fireworks. will all be on kron 4's new year's live show. it is hosted by catherine heenan and gary radnich. it's the only local and live show in the bay area. to ring in the new year, and this year it promises to be bigger and better than ever. kron 4's - new year's live. december 31st at 11-30 p-m.
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6:46 pm
this is a big deal sunday i new england.. 49ers take on the patriots ast night bill belichick, tom brady and the patriots dismantled the 11-1 houston texans by a final score of 42-14 brady and the patriots scored on their first three possesions to take a 21-0 lead and then coasted the
6:47 pm
rest of the way >> i was surprised. >> i thought it was going to be closer than what it was houston was a good team but you can never look past the patriots at all. they are one of the best teams in the past decade. >> these are teams that we were growing up i wish that we could be in a game like that. once we're in this game, the guys perform at the level. >> any time we go into their stadium. 20-0 and december. >> we are excited. big-time players show up for big-time games. we will put our best foot forward >> and it just for the record, the only other time they went into a game as an underdog was the season opener at green bay. td's, 0 int's point favorites over sf yesterday the brief 49ers career of brandon jacobs came to an abrupt end after the running back took to social media to bash the team
6:48 pm
it just did not work out. he ripped off jim harbaugh, the organization and obvious suspended. his what his ex teammate had to sta say. >> they do not want any distractions. they felt that he was a distraction and they had to do something about it. >> i usually try to stay away from that. it is distracting and people read that. >> this season is over. jacobs career consisted of 5 carries for 8 yards, for which he was paid $1.3 million.his suspension will cost him 3 game checks or roughly $300,000. the season is over for niners special teamer demarcus dobbs after he suffered a season ending knee injury in the first half of sundays 27-13 win over miami his knee bent back awkwardly on the play the 25 year old dobbs is a 2nd year pro and had 7 tackles this season. that is the one thing apart joropo. and i it is a jet that f wanting to -- about jim
6:49 pm
harbaugh. i think that this is somewhat who do you think your kidding if you say that you do not want to be here? >> and to do think that he was going to provoke to trade him? >> yes i do think because a trader difficult in the n f l. and instead of really releasing him, they suspended him. so now he go to another team. and what is going to do? but they will give them secrets on how the 49ers going to a playoff team. they really gave it to him could suspended him without pay. >> at least for the rest of the season. >> and i will warn you to limit your tweets. and it cost him $300,000. just because. >> i wish it would cost me to send i could throw it away like it was nothing.
6:50 pm
>> one day you'll have three and a thousand dollars in your pocket. wenches and the los angeles story and weather a man sachase's weatherwoman. and you have charisma, do not tell let these people tell you anything. anything different, she has charisma. >> me we can get free tickets? [laughter] >> pam is painting as a freeloader right along with her love. all this noise about rew otrleans and bounties he said that there will be no fines, and no suspensions. the team mates, and it is over with, he found that the contract was a detrimental and did it could be justified with fines but the overturned the suspension. so all of this
6:51 pm
talk about monopolizing our time earlier. you delete a dark cloud over the same season. forget about it. it is all-america, stanford. andrew blog this year, it is zach erts.. according to the associated press. he played at danville and he should be a late first- round mcintyre is leaving san jose state to coach colorado. >> i see administration just like that ministers and i walked into. the athletic director, who would it hired me,, boeing and he wanted to get things done. >> he is not going to coach the ball game december 27th. it is a sad note because anytime somebody leaves it
6:52 pm
is easier to say something derogatory. and he is leaving. he is leaving san jose that we are not good enough but he is such a darn good guys. they have quadrupled his salary i do not blame him. and when you have sports call it in your blood. >> sometimes it is nice to be nice. >> and the yankees need a new third baseman alex rodriguez. he could mess up to six months. so kevin has been assigned to a one-year contract for the yankees sign youlkis he is married to the sister of tom brady.
6:53 pm
at but sometimes i will play, so it looks better than jackie can count me on something. and when jackie is a healing i know that everything she is sane, a sister if she is -- yelling l [laughter] show me this free throw. this is spike lee he is a bit of a show of with carmelo anthony and now what a great director, however. the nets win... just a fina.l the knicks win ..
6:54 pm
free throw the blazers beat toronto, we are back with t. rex
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
>> a dinosaur is causing a pga tournament to relocate in australia the 26-foot mechanical t-rex is a new fixture near the 10th tee at the palmer new owner of the resort. it flips its tail and opens it's mouth and roars - but not during tournaments nonetheless pga officials think it's a distraction so the australian pga championship says it plans to move next year see you at 8:00 p.m.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
new evidence in the plane crash that killed a singing superstar. >> was jenni rivera unknowingly aboard a damaged jet? >> i'm debbie matenopoulos. >> and i'm kevin frazier. >> "the insider"

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